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What if I upload a paper to my library and nothing happens, or the record is empty?

An empty flashcard is usually the result of inaccessible text in the PDF. This can sometimes happen when the PDF provided is a scan of a book for example.

Click here to troubleshoot this issue.

If you aren't sure whether the text you are attempting to upload is accessible text - or not: Test if it is extractable by selecting the text by clicking and dragging with your mouse. If you can select the text, then it is accessible, if you cannot copy the text, it is inaccessible and therefore cannot be processed by Scholarcy.

To be able to upload these documents, you will need to use OCR software to convert the text into an accessible format.

If you are importing via a URL or DOI and have trouble generating flashcards, it is likely that the original article is behind a paywall.

Whilst these articles are visible to you via your institutional license, Scholarcy is blocked from viewing these articles.

To be able to import these articles to Scholarcy, you will have to download the PDF from the journal, and import that instead.

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