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Our goal is to make the world’s knowledge more accessible to everyone, by building tools which help you:

Understand complex topics icon

Understand complex topics

Keep track of your knowledge icon

Keep track of your knowledge

Discover more Aha! moments icon

Discover more Aha! moments

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Apply what you’ve learned

Why do these things matter to us? Because we know the pains of:

photo of endless papers

Sifting through endless papers to figure out what’s important and what’s not.

a woman reading in a library

Remembering the main points of that article or chapter you read last month.

photo of man looking at wall of notes

Keeping track of all those articles you’ve bookmarked or saved.

photo of guy reading research paper on laptop

That feeling of dread when starting a long, complex research paper.

A stack of books

Making sense of a collection of articles or a semester’s worth of reading.

A woman studying at her desk

Climbing a mountain to find all the references and format a bibliography.

Understanding these problems first-hand
is where it all began.

Hey there,

I’m Phil Gooch, the Founder of Scholarcy.

A few years ago, when I was doing my PhD, the thing I needed most was a quick snapshot of every paper I’d saved to my computer to help me figure out which ones were most important to my work. I couldn’t face reading them all but the abstract or introduction didn’t give me enough to go on.

In the end I had to do what most researchers and others needing to digest long documents do – skim-read as much as possible and scribble notes for the papers I needed to come back to. I forgot a lot of what I read and when I came back to them, my notes weren’t always that useful. That meant re-reading, which was painful!

So, during 2018 Emma and I set about developing something that does exactly that. Our mission at Scholarcy is to help you read smarter and understand more. We do that by converting your documents into our interactive summary flashcard format, which gives you context, highlights key information for you, lets you verify findings, and shows how the work builds on what has gone before.

Now, nearly 500,000 students and researchers around the world rely on Scholarcy to help make their research efficient and more productive. If you have ideas, suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

Photo of Phil Gooch, Founder & CEO
Phil Gooch
Founder & CEO

Meet the team behind it all.

We’re a team of engineers, designers and marketers, spanning 4 continents with a passion for helping students succeed.

Emma Warren-Jones

Co-founder & COO

Phil Gooch

Founder & CEO

Anurag Goel

Board Director

Bruno Bonamin


Oliver Back

Community & Support

Karl Sykes-Tobin

Marketing Director

John Mitchell

Head of Product

Matias Milito

Full Stack Engineer

Lisandro Monjelat

Full Stack Engineer

Daniel Pooley

Head of Assistive Technology Sales

Kelsy Warwick

Web Designer

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