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Scholarcy Summarizer

Keeping up with the accelerated rise in published research isn’t just difficult, it’s impossible. Scholarcy lets you read and absorb more of the research you need in less time. It helps you to filter out the noise, identify the most relevant papers faster, and easily jump between the sections in an article that are most important to your work.
Scholarcy gives you more than just an abstract. It condenses papers into referenced summaries, highlights key claims and statistics and extracts tables and images. With Scholarcy you don’t skim a paper – you understand it faster.

Five Ways Scholarcy Helps Researchers

  • Creates an HTML summary version of the PDF with easy navigation, larger fonts and full-size images for a quick overview
  • Links to Open Access versions of each cited source, so you don’t have to manually search for these
  • Extracts all the figures from a paper and links to their cited location in the text, saving more search time.
  • Saves every summary card and a link to the original paper to your Scholarcy Library for you to view any time, on any device
  • Lets you download and export hyperlinked references to your reference manager.