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The problem 

It's a constant battle to keep up to date with the latest research in your field. You've used all the usual research management tools to find the most important, recent, or influential articles. But you still have hundreds of papers on your (virtual) desk and no time to read them. And those PDFs aren't the easiest to read on screen, particularly if they're preprints with no HTML versions available. Meanwhile, science papers are getting harder to read ... 

The solution

Scholarcy™ is an AI-powered Google Chrome extension and web application that simplifies the process of reading and consuming research. Scholarcy reads your research papers, reports and book chapters and breaks them down into manageable chunks, giving you the essential information to understand the main contributions.

Scholarcy creates a compact HTML summary card view of the PDF in the browser window, with easy navigation, access to full size images, and links to open access versions of each cited source where possible. This helps you to speed-read the paper, follow the arguments and take away the main points.

Scholarcy is fully customisable - you can choose which of the many features you want to use. So if you just want all the referenced papers, they are just a click away.

The Chrome Extension works well with open-access repositories such as arXiv, biorXiv, and OSF Preprints, and integrates with the Scholarcy Library - a searchable collection of summary cards created from your Word and PDF documents, accessible on any device.


To download the references from any PDF URL, drag either of these bookmarklets to your bookmarks bar

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