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Scholarcy Summarizer

Scholarcy helps you easily absorb and retain the course reading that builds up every week and brings more structure to your study.
Use Scholarcy generated summary cards as the starting point for appraising any article or chapter, to kickstart your essay writing, or develop a more systematic approach to revision.

Highlights, bullet pointed summaries and extracted tables help you quickly assess research material to decide which information can best support your work, without having to read all publications in full.

Five Ways Scholarcy Helps Students

  • Use the Scholarcy Summary tool as a starting point for appraising any book or article – and get more insight than you would from just the abstract or synopsis
  • Highlights of key statements help you kickstart your essay-writing and feel more confident in understanding complex research papers
  • Easily reference sections most relevant to your work with in-text highlights that link straight to the corresponding references
  • Keep easy track of all your research summaries and notes throughout the year with a personal library that will revolutionise your revision work
  • Save time by linking straight to referenced sources – there’s no need to manually search for them.

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