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Scholarcy for International students

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Scholarcy helps you to read and understand academic texts even if English isn’t your first language. It breaks down papers into bite-size sections, with summaries adjusted to your reading style.

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Students find the time spent assimilating the key information from a new paper is reduced by over 70% with Scholarcy.
Nearly all of my reading is in English but it’s not my first language, so I have to work harder to keep up…

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Read with more confidence

What if I want to generate Flashcards from papers in my language? Can Scholarcy handle that?

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Summarize texts in different languages

Translate texts in any language
Stay organized with libraries
I’m worried about missing deadlines because it takes me so long to read and understand research papers

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Trying to organise my thoughts and structure my writing whilst switching from one language to another is exhausting

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No more staring at a blank page

Everyone finds bibliographies exhausting, but try doing them in another language!

Biblio....what? I need help 😦

Perfectly formatted citations every time