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What if I’m having issues importing docs?

Scholarcy needs accessible text to be able to process the article into flashcards. If you are encountering issues when importing to Scholarcy, there may be a couple of reasons.

  • The PDF file contains no extractable text. We don't currently support scanned PDFs - if your articles have been scanned to PDF, you'll need to run it through some OCR software first.
  • The web URL is closed access or behind a paywall. You might be logged into your institutional repository, but Scholarcy can't see what you see when you read a paper in your browser. If the article is not open-access, try downloading the PDF from the site, then upload the PDF into your Scholarcy Library.
  • The file is too large or too complex. Occasionally, some articles cannot be processed as their internal structure cannot be parsed. This can happen with PDFs with many images, or if you try to upload an entire book. For best results, break large files into smaller PDFs. For example, split a book into individual chapters and upload each one separately. In some cases you may need to turn off figure and table extraction.

If you are still having trouble, please send us the PDF you are trying to import to: [email protected] so we can investigate this further for you.

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