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Sometimes you just need the main points from a paper to refresh your memory or decide whether it’s worth reading in full. Scholarcy converts chapters and research papers into interactive summary flashcards to give you the key facts faster.

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Import your papers and chapters to generate interactive summary flashcards that highlight key information, give you the definitions of key concepts and take you straight to the cited sources.

Quickly see how a study compares to earlier research

Scholarcy’s new Comparative Analysis feature lets you quickly identify how a paper builds on previous research methods and corroborates or differs from earlier results to help with your literature review.

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Download your references to import into your favourite reference manager

Once you’ve uploaded a paper or chapter to Scholarcy’s Flashcard Generator, you can export the references to BibTex and import straight into Zotero or any other reference manager to build your bibliography.

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Each flashcard contains:

Key methods and results

Important claims and findings highlighted

Direct links to the full text of cited sources

Key concepts and their definitions

Comparative Analysis – see how the paper compares to earlier studies


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Upgrade to Scholarcy Library and build a personal research library by turning your collections of papers, RSS feeds, and search results into interactive, summary flashcards that you can read, share and annotate on any device.

You can also export your flashcards to a range of formats including ExcelWordRIS and Markdown to generate annotated bibliographies, knowledge graphs and more.

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