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Academic Researcher

The Challenge

  • Keeping up-to-date with the growing volume of research papers
  • Searching for references, re-reading papers, finding important sections
  • Getting research published alongside all other academic commitments.

Policy Researcher

The Challenge

  • Absorbing wide-ranging applied and fundamental research every day
  • Condensing large volumes of information into reports and briefing documents
  • Delivering consistently thorough and accurate information analysis.


The Challenge

  • Speed-reading reports and papers to extract key facts, quotes and summaries
  • Consistently referencing the most verifiable sources
  • Meeting tight deadlines daily.


The Challenge

  • Keeping on top of all recommended reading
  • Keeping track of important papers, notes and highlights
  • Meeting essay deadlines and starting exam revision in time.


The Challenge

  • Improving the experience of library users with tools and resources
  • Meeting the needs of students with specific learning difficulties
  • Maintaining high standards of information literacy at the institution.