How to I attach an RSS feed to a folder?

As well as being able to upload files directly to a folder, you can also attach one or more RSS feeds.

When you create a new folder, you’ll see an RSS subscription icon under the Actions column.

Click on that icon, you’ll get a prompt with an option to subscribe to a new feed. If you click on the Subscribe + button, you’ll see a prompt to paste in an RSS feed URL, and then you’ll click the Subscribe button to prepare your feed.

The feed will be checked every hour or so, so your folder may not be populated immediately, but you’ll get an email when the feed is updated. RSS feeds work best if the content in the feed is open access, so we can fetch the full text, rather than just the abstract.

You can click on the RSS icon for a folder at any time to suspend or unsubscribe from the feed, or to check the list of URLs that will be fetched when the feed next runs. You can also attach more than one feed to a folder.