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Top Artificial Intelligence Podcasts

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Jessica Rachid
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Since I began using Scholarcy, I have been researching the rise of AI technology and how it can change the way we learn. One of the most effective ways to stay updated on the latest AI developments, especially when balancing a full-time job or pursuing a degree, is by tuning into podcasts. In this article, I am excited to share my top picks for AI technology podcasts, complete with my favourite episodes for you to explore.

The AI Podcast by Noah Kravitz

With over 3.4 million listens, the AI Podcast with Noah Kravitz is one of the best AI and machine learning podcasts on any streaming platform. Every two weeks, there are episodes that explore how generative AI can address global challenges or how gaming will be revolutionized. Kravitz is a journalist who has explored the rise of electronics and mobile computing for over two decades, building one of YouTube’s most successful Science and Technology channels.

Recommended Episode: MIT’s Anant Agarwal on AI in Education – ep. 197

In a recent episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, Anant Agarwal, founder of edX and Chief Platform Officer at 2U, discussed the future of online education and the impact of AI technology. Professor Agarwal is a strong advocate for non-traditional learners, emphasising upskilling as the future and the significant job impact due to AI. If you're a student or have a full-time job, this podcast is a must-listen.

The AI Today Podcast hosted by Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer

Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer co-host the AI Today Podcast, where they explore the latest AI developments, covering ethics, business applications, and project management. Every two weeks, they deliver easy-to-digest content by interviewing AI technology experts and dissecting the real-world implementation of machine learning. Notably, the popular AI Glossary Series demystifies key terms like Data, Dataset, Big Data, DIKUW Pyramid, elucidating their relevance to AI and the importance of understanding them.

Recommended Episode: Trustworthy AI Series: AI System Transparency – ep. 372

Cognilytica's AI Today podcast boasts a library of over 300 episodes. In their most recent instalment, Walch and Schmelzer delve into the crucial topic of AI System Transparency. They highlight that without transparency, users remain in the dark about the inner workings of AI technology. By dissecting the key elements essential in the AI System Transparency layer, the hosts carefully weigh the pros and cons of using AI systems. Their guidance extends to ethical and responsible practices in building, utilising, and interacting with these systems, making this practical podcast an ideal resource for those studying data science or newcomers to machine learning.

Practical AI hosted by Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack

In the Practical AI podcast, Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack engage with technology professionals, students, and industry leaders to delve into AI technology and associated subjects such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, GANs, MLOps, and AIOps. Every two weeks, Benson and Whitenack focus on the practical implications of AI technology, ensuring accessibility for all.

Recommended Episode: ChatGPT goes prime time!

In this episode, Benson and Whitenack take a deep dive into OpenAI's ChatGPT, marking the first Large Language Model to gain widespread adoption beyond the AI community. They explore ChatGPT's capabilities, its global impact, and the implications of its adoption, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of AI technology.

The TWIML AI Podcast hosted by Sam Charrington

The TWIML AI Podcast, hosted by Sam Charrington, connects the brightest minds and cutting-edge ideas in ML and AI. Charrington is a renowned industry analyst, speaker, commentator, and writer. The TWIML AI Podcast has over seven million downloads and a large community following. TWIML has recently expanded and offers online meetups and study groups, conferences, and a variety of educational content.

Recommended Episode: Is ChatGPT Getting Worse? With James Zou

In a recent episode, Sam Charrington interviewed James Zou, an assistant professor at Stanford University. They discussed the evolving behaviour of ChatGPT, challenges in generative AI, performance tests, the potential impact of surgical AI editing, monitoring tools' importance, and insights from James Zou's recent paper on pathology image analysis using Twitter data.

Understand: Tech and AI hosted by Tim Harford

Tim Harford hosts discussions on technology and artificial intelligence, offering a deeper understanding of AI's impact on our lives and society in a short-form podcast. These episodes are a concise 15 minutes. Perfect for listeners who want an introduction to AI technology.

Recommended Episode: Tech and AI. Can we control AI?

BBC Radio presents a limited series on understanding tech and AI. In this episode, Harford interviews Dr. Michael Pound, an Associate Professor in Computer Vision from the University of Westminster. They discuss the public access to ‘generative' AIs like ChatGPT and Google's Bard, questioning the potential harm and threats. This series aims to demystify these concerns and provide clarity on key technology terms, such as algorithms, 'the Cloud,' Blockchain, machine learning, and deep learning in AI.

AI Chat hosted by Jaeden Schafer

Jaeden Schafer's podcast delves into various aspects of AI, including ethics, machine learning, and the role of AI in different industries.

AI Chat is hosted by Jaeden Schafer, he discusses the world of ChatGPT, cutting-edge AI news and its impact on our daily lives. With in-depth discussions and interviews with leading experts in the field, Schafer explores the latest advancements in language models, machine learning, and AI.  With over 400 short-form episodes, ranging from 8 minutes to 30 minutes, these are bitesize discussions that keep you ahead of the curve in technical advancements.

Recommended Episode: Oculus Co-Founder Jack McCauley’s Story and The Future of AI, VR, and Gaming

In a recent episode, Schafer interviews the Oculus Co-Founder, Jack McCauley. They discuss how his work has influenced the fields of AI and VR. McCauley serves as an Innovator in Residence at Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation at UC Berkeley.  Schafer and McCauley talk about the future of intersecting technologies and how they are poised to shape our digital lives.

These AI podcasts are your key to staying informed about the evolving world of AI.

Whether you are juggling a full-time job or in education, these podcasts provide valuable insights into AI technology and machine learning. As AI continues its rapid advancement, these shows will remain a trusted source of information. Personally, I have found that using Scholarcy, and listening to these AI podcasts, has broadened my understanding of technical advancements, making these episodes even more enjoyable. I hope you find them as engaging as I do.