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Suggests background reading

New to a field? Want to understand the main topics of the latest research? Scholarcy generates a background reading list helping you get up to speed. Scholarcy also highlights terms and abbreviations in the text so you can refer back to them while you are reading.

Highlights important points

Scholarcy’s unique Robo-Highlighter™ automatically highlights important phrases and contributions made by the paper. No more printing off papers and manually going over them with a marker pen – Scholarcy’s advanced AI has learnt how academic papers are written and can identify when an important point is being made.


Creates a referenced summary

Scholarcy summarises the whole paper with references, rewriting statements in the third person, making it easier to cite the information correctly in your report, essay or thesis.

The summarisation process is fully customisable: choose the number of words, the level of highlighting and level of language variation.

Finds the references

No more trawling the web trying to find the papers in the references – Scholarcy does that for you, locating open-access PDFs from Google Scholar, arXiv and elsewhere. Scholarcy enlists the excellent UnPaywall API to help with this.

You can also download the entire bibliography in BibTex or .RIS format, so you can import each entry into your favourite reference management tool.


Extracts figures and tables

Need to check the numbers? Scholarcy finds the tables in the paper and lets you download them in Excel format, so you can run your own calculations on the results.

Scholarcy gives you thumbnails of each figure, cross-referenced in the text, so you can easily jump to the corresponding figure while you are reading.