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The speed and accuracy of Scholarcy’s reference extraction exceeded our expectations. I don’t think we could have achieved the same results in such a short time period with other external or internal solutions. Scholarcy has breathed new life into thousands of important papers, decades and even centuries old.

Helen KingBMJ

Scholarcy is the holy grail! It downloads references of any PDF of interest!

Joe TayGP

While there has been reference citation code and software in the past to extract references from PDF, none have been so easy to use as Scholarcy.

Aaron TayLibrarian

Thank you for such a wonderful tool. It really helps in getting the essence of papers.


I really like Scholarcy because it has helped me a lot during my dissertation period. I can’t thank you enough!

Salmi AliResearch student

You have made the dream tool I always wanted!

ZJ LiangStudent

Your service is absolutely amazing, it has been very helpful for my studies.


It provides things that no one else can … information related to the topic is very precise


Scholarcy really levels the playing field for many non-native English speakers

SangminChoimirai School

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