Author - Emma Warren-Jones

How Scholarcy partnered with BMJ to further I4OC

Unlocking 100 Years Of Scientific Papers Through Machine Learning Reference mining is fundamental to the creation of citation networks and rich, discoverable digital libraries. In recent years, a number of tools have been developed to address this need, but they are often limited by input format, infrastructure requirements and runtime performance. The most recent developments in this space have focused on reference mining PDFs from arts and humanities literature, but there’s a growing need for a fast, accurate way of [...]


How to solve the problem of too much information and not enough time

With Reading Time Diminishing, Valuable Information Is Being Missed Ever find yourself thinking how much better your work could be if you just had time to read more of the information that’s out there? Even then, not everything we might save with the best intention of reading later is relevant or useful. And if that rare oasis of time does open up, skim-reading is probably the most common and practical way of processing several articles to find what’s useful. In [...]


How Scholarcy Summaries Encourage Students to Read and Avoid Plagiarism

Scientific Papers Are Getting Harder To Read. AI Can Help Our goal at Scholarcy is to help people understand complex information faster, and provide a route into dense literature that can be intimidating for a newcomer or non-expert. A recent study has shown that scientific papers are getting harder to read[1], as a result of an increase in technical jargon and assumed background knowledge. The barrier to entry to primary research literature is getting higher at a time when our need to verify [...]