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Scholarcy summary flashcards are a great way of helping your researchers and students get the key facts faster, find the information that will support their work more easily, and expand their knowledge with direct links to cited papers.

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    Steve Carlton

    Steve Carlton

    Research Services Librarian, University of Manchester

    We find Scholarcy really useful for distilling complex research into knowledge summaries that we can promote more easily via social media.

    Russell Michalak

    Russell Michalak

    Director of the Library, Archives, & Learning Center, Goldey-Beacom College

    Scholarcy gives our students the opportunity to quickly read a summary of any source in any format that they upload into the platform, rather than only reading the abstract. Scholarcy pulls key points from a source so that students can evaluate it quickly, which saves them time in their hectic academic schedules.

    How Scholarcy Works

    Upload any document or paste a url and Scholarcy will generate an easy-to-read summary flashcard with the key points highlighted.
    Suggests background reading

    Suggests background reading

    New to a subject? Scholarcy links
    to definitions and background reading for key concepts, helping you build your understanding faster.
    Highlights important points

    Highlights important points

    Scholarcy’s unique Robo-Highlighter™ automatically highlights important phrases and contributions made in the paper.
    Creates referenced summary

    Creates referenced summary

    Scholarcy summarises the whole paper, chapter or report and links directly to cited sources so you never have to manually search for these again!

    Why Scholarcy

    It is more than just a super fast and friendly research summarizer tool

    • Summarise documents in any format in just a few seconds.
    • Export summary cards to Microsoft Word or Excel to kickstart your literature review.
    • Import directly from Dropbox and Google Drive to generate multiple summaries in one go.
    • Store unlimited summary cards to help with essay planning and revision later in the year.
    • Export summary cards and their bibliographies directly into your reference manager.

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