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Scholarcy’s Smart Synopses intelligently summarises research papers and articles in a journalistic style, highlighting useful information about the paper’s strengths, limitations, study data and more.

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Smart Synopses turns research into knowledge

Just upload your article and Smart Synopses will condense it into an accurate, accessible digest that contains contextual information about the research including how it builds on prior studies, indicators of further research needed, and any study limitations.

Quickly build your knowledge of a new subject with short, narrative reviews of your articles and chapters

Screen scientific literature faster

Easily identify key findings, statistics, and wider significance of the work

Upload your manuscript to generate a ready-made abstract for scholarly communications

Non-experts can generate a short, easy-to-read lay summary from any research paper to get informed without getting overwhelmed

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“Quick processing time, successfully summarized important points.”

“It’s really good for case study analysis, thank you for this too.”

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