Journal article submissions are growing rapidly, making it harder for editors to keep on top of new material and publish the content that their readers will most engage with. At the same time, publishers face the challenge of maintaining article visibility while increasing discoverability and downloads.

Scholarcy extracts metadata, key arguments, terminology and cited works from any article in any format. This speeds up the submission and review process by helping editors and reviewers to assess the overall quality of a paper more quickly. And it boosts discoverability and visibility by creating quotable highlights for sharing on social media or embedding as metadata.

Five Ways Scholarcy Helps Publishers

  • Use our metadata API to automatically populate data in your article submission systems
  • Screen submissions for key information such as data availability, study registrations, ethical compliance, study participants, limitations, and more with our flashcards API
  • Improve the discoverability and reach of your publications with our highlights API
  • Make your publications accessible to a wider readership with our article synopsis API
  • Use our references API on submitted papers to automatically structure the references and locate the source of each cited article, reducing the workload for reviewers.