The AI-powered
article summarizer

Scholarcy Summarizer

Scholarcy makes initial reviews of published research quicker and more manageable for academics, students and researchers at your institution. It can save researchers additional time by bulk exporting of all the references from a collections of papers to RIS or Bibtex formats, which they can then easily import into their reference management library.
Background reading links generated for every paper take those new to a research project straight to the most relevant further reading. Scholarcy helps students expand their knowledge of a subject and save time figuring out where to start with a new research project.

Five Ways Scholarcy Helps Librarians.

  • Integration with and other databases shows whether cited sources have been confirmed or refuted by others – or even retracted.
  • Summaries of research papers or book chapters with links to further reading and key points highlighted make initial reviews much faster
  • Easily generate lay summaries of complex articles to promote scholarship to a wider readership.
  • Everyone at the institution can store hundreds of publication summaries, links to cited content, tables, diagrams and more in their own personal Scholarcy library.
  • Scholarcy helps you teach research skills and information literacy by linking citations to open access publications – so you can show students how to follow the citation graph; locate and source more primary sources; and conduct literature reviews.