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Scholarcy Summarizer

Scholarcy speeds up research into any subject by creating referenced summaries from long-form documents. It generates links to public versions of cited sources from any report or paper, helping you quickly expand your search and validate your sources.
Increase your understanding of a new subject area using the background reading lists and highlighted key points generated by Scholarcy. Include Scholarcy’s bullet point summaries in your own reports and presentations to quickly and clearly communicate key findings to others. Securely share your Scholarcy Library and notes with colleagues.

Five Ways Scholarcy Helps Journalists.

  • Interactively fact check sources, methods and findings
  • Incorporate Scholarcy’s highlighted key points, facts and findings as pull quotes in your article
  • Quickly validate your sources or expand your research by linking straight to public versions of all cited sources in a report or paper
  • Expand or reinforce your knowledge quickly using background reading lists
  • Speed up your presentations and communications by including Scholarcy’s bullet point summaries of the full report or paper.