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Scholarcy is used by students around the world to read and analyse research papers in less time. Upload your articles to Scholarcy to:

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With Scholarcy Library, you can import all your papers and search results, and quickly screen them with the automatically generated ‘key takeaway’ headline.

Take the stress out of your literature review

While there are lots of tools that help you discover articles for your research, how do you analyse and synthesise the information from all of those papers?

3 easy ways to import articles

Scholarcy lets you quickly import your articles for screening and analysing.

Import papers in PDF, Word, HTML and LaTeX format

Import search results from PubMed or any service that provides results in RIS or BibTeX format

Import publisher RSS feeds

import articles
you can literature matrix

Build your literature matrix in minutes

Our Excel export feature generates a literature synthesis matrix for you, so you can

Compare papers side by side for their study sizes, key contributions, limitations, and more.

Export literature-review ready data in Excel, Word, RIS or Markdown format

Integrates with your reference manager and ‘second brain’ tools such as Roam, Notion and Obsidian

Carrying out a systematic review?

Scholarcy breaks papers down into our unique summary flashcard format.

The Study subjects and analysis tab shows you study population, intervention, outcome, and statistical analyses from the paper.

And the Excel synthesis matrix generated shows the key methods and quantitative findings of each paper, side by side.

problem of too much information literature in hand
papers piled togather a man reading literature on a mobile analysing literature on a laptop

Build a knowledge graph from your papers

If you’re a fan of the latest generation of knowledge management tools such as Roam or Obsidian, you’ll love our Markdown export.

This creates a knowledge graph of all the papers in your library by connecting them via key terms, methods, and shared citations.

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