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Why might some documents not upload to Scholarcy?

While our algorithms do a good job distilling the majority of documents into their key facts and findings, sometimes they struggle! If you find that a particular document does not upload, try one of the following:

  • If the document is a scanned PDF image, run it through OCR software first. There are both free and commercial software available for this.
  • If the document is a complete book, try breaking it down into separate chapters, and upload one chapter at a time
  • If the document is very large or many pages long, try breaking it down into smaller files and upload each of these separately
  • If the document contains many figures and images, try switching off Extract Figures in Settings > Import.
  • Send us the PDF and we’ll investigate

Do you have other browser extensions installed? If so, try disabling them, or open Scholarcy Library in a new Incognito window (Chrome) or Private window (Safari, Firefox, Edge).