How do I import from Zotero?

If you log into your Zotero web account and go to

  1. Make a note of your Zotero user ID as shown on that screen:

2. Then click the Create new private key link ( where you can create an API key and allow Scholarcy to read your Zotero library and optionally shared groups.

3. Click Save Key. The generated key will then be displayed. Please copy this key somewhere safe.

4. In the Import panel, under From the Web or cloud storage, select Zotero. You will need to copy your userID from Step 1 into the userID field in Scholarcy Library, and the API key from Step 3 into the API key field here:

5. If these details are correct, when you click Save you will be able to connect and import PDFs from your Zotero web library. You only need to follow the above steps once.