Combining AI and visual design to create beautiful scientific posters


Combining AI and visual design to create beautiful scientific posters

The challenge for academics: too many complex papers, not enough time

The background study for your research is an extensive undertaking. There’s a huge number of scientific papers you’ll need to sift through to glean vital information about the foundations and latest developments in your subject. In fact, the typical academic scholar reads an average of 20 research papers a month.

Scientific papers have also become harder to read in recent years which just adds to the time pressure, especially if you’re screening a lot of literature.  Complex writing styles and overuse of jargon have exacerbated the problem. Just skimming articles to identify key data and findings can take up a lot of your research time, and that’s before you even get to a shortlist of papers that you need to analyze in more depth.


How automation can help

But identifying and compiling the key findings, results, and references from your academic research doesn’t have to be so complicated. Today, automation aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to the rescue of researchers, with a range of applications:  from identifying data connections or trends to helping academics build knowledge more efficiently.

Knowledge extraction technology is now capable of condensing long texts into their key points in a matter of seconds. It’s also helping automate the design of graphical abstracts and scientific posters by isolating information such as results, key findings, study participants, study limitations, and matching appropriate images to key concepts. Today, Scholarcy’s technology is being used by researchers to stay on top of the growing volume of literature, but also to write, structure, and promote their own work.

And when combined with a powerful, intuitive design platform that has been developed specifically for the research community, text-mining can produce a range of new applications.


Summarization and design tech working hand in hand to showcase research

There’s now a revolutionary way to completely automate the poster creation process. Mind the Graph and Scholarcy have partnered to create a poster-making program that produces a scientific poster from any research paper or thesis chapter in just a few clicks.


If you’re creating a scientific poster for academics or a conference, you first need to condense your paper into a clear, attention-grabbing overview to make an immediate and lasting impact on your audience. This is often an activity that academics dread more than drafting the paper itself. It’s hard to boil a complex, nuanced piece of work down into a few sentences or bullet points, but get it wrong, and the risk is that your research will get overlooked.

Combining Scholarcy’s summarisation tech with Mind the Graph’s intuitive design platform is a game-changer in poster creation. As well as automatically condensing research to its key points, Scholarcy also objectively identifies the most significant aspects of the work that should be accentuated in the poster, saving you hours of manual editing time.  It can also achieve what many find so hard – the creation of a short, powerful headline summary that conveys the information most likely to hook your audience. Combine this with a user-friendly design application and you have the first draft of your poster in just a few minutes.

Mind the Graph’s AI-powered poster-making tool has integrated Scholarcy’s summarizing technology with its unique visual design program to help academics create a high-quality research poster with the right balance of words and images.  Here’s how it works…


Makes posters out of your research papers in Minutes

Presenting a research poster at a conference or scientific meeting is one of the best opportunities you’ll have to demonstrate your expertise and build traction for your work. Audiences at these events aren’t limited to scientists and scholars and often come from a range of backgrounds, so it’s important to create a poster that non-academics can easily understand. Get it right and you can attract collaborations from other industries and businesses. But it’s not just getting the content right that’s a challenge, you also have a lot of competing priorities and deadlines, which is where Mind the Graph’s AI-powered poster maker comes in. It guides you step-by-step through converting your research paper into a high-quality scientific poster in minutes.


Auto-generates your poster’s visual content

Researchers often complain that creating visuals takes a lot of time. And even 39% of content marketers, who are usually design-savvy, said that given a choice they would automate the visual content creation process. So, as a researcher your wish to have the design aspect of your research poster generated for you is understandable.

Mind The Graph’s poster-making program selects the relevant scientific images from a vast library of graphics and illustrations. All you need to do is choose the images that best showcase your research, and in just a few minutes, your visual content is ready.

Did someone say relief?


Accurately extracts and presents the right text for your poster

As you know, a scientific poster shouldn’t be text-heavy. The words you select should act as an anchor to reinforce any graphs, images, and illustrations presented.

Mind the Graph’s poster-making tool extracts the most important information from articles and creates a finished poster that is clearly and logically structured. To give you an idea, here’s a poster created from a research paper, using the poster-making tool.


contents of an auto-generated poster about silver nanoparticle- create beautiful scientific posters


Advancements in AI are making our lives easier and more efficient, transforming how we live and work. And also, how we research.

Gone are the days where every aspect of your research and writing had to be done manually. Tasks such as summarizing articles, note-taking, formatting citations, and producing bibliographies can be done within minutes with the help of technology like Scholarcy, saving you hours of time researching and writing your paper.

And now this technology is helping you go the extra mile by automating the production of high-quality scientific posters and automate the entire process using the poster maker tool by Mind the Graph.

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