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How to evaluate the quality and veracity of an article

Analysing how a study builds on, confirms or contrasts with previous work is key to appraising its reliability So you’ve got a literature review to write and the deadline is approaching. Perhaps you don’t know how to begin. Or maybe you’ve started and got stuck. Perhaps you’ve used one of the many discovery tools out there to find relevant papers, but now you have to read and filter them all. You’ve got a folder full of articles, and you’re learning [...]


Combining AI and visual design to create beautiful scientific posters

The challenge for academics: too many complex papers, not enough time The background study for your research is an extensive undertaking. There’s a huge number of scientific papers you’ll need to sift through to glean vital information about the foundations and latest developments in your subject. In fact, the typical academic scholar reads an average of 20 research papers a month. Scientific papers have also become harder to read in recent years which just adds to the time pressure, especially if [...]


Content automation is boosting audience engagement in the news and information industries

Engagement marketing managers have become pivotal to the growth and retention strategy of any online content business over the last few years. These roles demand a range of finely honed skills – from specialist industry knowledge and audience profiling – to a flair for developing multi-channel engagement programs, content creation, and an analytical eye to gauge the impact of those programmes. Audience engagement managers are often faced with the challenge of maintaining a high-quality, sustainable content pipeline to engage their [...]

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Breaking news: How AI technology is helping science journalists stay on top of the latest research

Science journalists are a vital bridge between researchers and the public. They “shine a light on discoveries” [1] and translate complex studies into accessible articles that help to educate and inform the wider community. This isn’t always an easy task — science journalists face an uphill battle to secure an exclusive story about significant scientific breakthroughs and developments. Not only are journalists overwhelmed with the increasing volume of scientific papers, they’re also under pressure to transform important discoveries and findings [...]


Best tools for screening and reading research papers

There’s a huge amount of relevant and high-quality research on any given subject, but researchers simply don’t have the time to absorb it all. It’s not just a question of discovering the best information, it’s understanding and applying it that matters. The risk is that important findings that could support new studies are being missed. To put this into context: there were more than 3 million articles published in 2018. And the problem isn’t limited to published research.  The number of [...]


Six elements a research summary should include

Summarizing a research paper (or papers) sounds like it should be a pretty quick, easy task. After all, how hard can writing 200 words be?! But whether you’re writing a summary to include in your essay or dissertation, or you need to draft a compelling abstract for your own paper, distilling complex research into an informative, easy-to-read snapshot can be one of the most daunting parts of the research process. For that reason, it’s often the activity that gets [...]

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How to do an Effective Literature review

How to do an effective literature review with Scholarcy In our recent article: Five pitfalls to look out for when doing your literature review, we talked about some of the challenges researchers and students face when it comes to evaluating the articles that will be most for their own work. This can be a daunting task even for experienced researchers because of the sheer volume of literature out there. There’s no shortage of discovery services available that can return pages of [...]

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Five pitfalls to look out for when doing your literature review

Literature Review Pitfalls One of the activities common to all researchers – from undergraduates to post-docs – is conducting literature reviews. The volume of research literature has been growing at an unprecedented rate in recent years. The number of new scientific papers published each year now exceeds 2.5 million1 , and the problem isn’t limited to published research.  Preprint servers – which are increasingly becoming an important resource for researchers – have grown by over 300% since 20152. The amount of [...]


Machine-generated visual summaries in a crowded research space

One of the most immediate and effective ways to showcase new research is to display it as a poster at conferences. Presenting your research in a striking, visual format can be a powerful way to get audience attention. The challenge is, even with a captive audience, the time an author has to pique the interest of peers and publishers is limited. And now that authors are having to compete for attention at virtual conferences, the problem is exacerbated. The [...]


How Scholarcy is helping undergraduates with research

At Scholarcy, we’ve been talking to students at all stages of learning to find out what kind of challenges they face when it comes to reading and understanding academic literature as well as writing their own essays or theses. This week, we spoke to Xiran Li, an engineering student in China, to find out how he’s been using Scholarcy as part of a final year project that involved reading and applying a large volume of research literature. Xiran Li, Engineering [...]